Music and Musical Performance

Creative ventures engaging in the development of music instruments, music training, shared production and distribution platforms, emerging business models of sound recording and distribution, online distribution, digital aggregation, high-value concerts, festivals and tour promotion as well as businesses in the mobile music market. This category may also include businesses involved in dance and dance training, music video production, artist/talent management, live music performances, music and musical performance archiving, wellness-related music psychology and music therapy.


Creative ventures involved in the production of raw materials (fibers, textiles, leather and fur), the production of fashion inputs (zips, latches, locks, buttons, labels etc.), the production of fashion goods by designers and/or manufacturers for womenswear (day, evening and underwear), menswear (day, evening and underwear), baby and childrens’ wear, denim, swimwear, sports apparel, knitwear, outerwear, bridal wear, performance wear and accessories. This category may also include print work, canvas work, crochet & embroidery, leather works, millinery, bag manufacturing, footwear manufacturing and jewelry production.


Creative ventures involved in artisanry and handicrafts using materials such as ceramics, glass, textiles, metal, wood, horn, bone, stone precious stones, paper, leather, up-cycling industrial materials as well as the use of other natural materials. This category may also include: bone and horn carving (cow, camel, etc.), artisan carpentry, fretwork & chip carving, glass etching, glass blowing, metalwork, pottery, toy-making, papercraft, weaving, beadwork, soft furnishings and other home decor items.


HEVA will only partner with ventures which adhere to local and international environmental protocols, fair-trade policies, social, health and safety standards. HEVA shall NOT invest in and/or partner with ventures which involve:

- Productions which are derived from and in support of military related activities;
- Productions which are derived from and in support of religious activities;
- Production supporting the destruction of natural ecosystems as well as tangible and intangible heritage;
- Production supporting the subjugation of minorities, women and immigrants;
- Production or activities involving harmful or exploitative forms of forced labor and/or child labor;
- Productions supporting trade in wildlife or wildlife products, endangered animals and animal cruelty;
- Production or trade in radioactive material, and other hazardous chemicals and/or materials.