Since 2013, HEVA has invested in more than 20 creative businesses within the fashion, digital content, crafts and decor value chains.

We are the first dedicated investment fund in East Africa targeted specifically at the creative economy. Our investment packages allow East African creative businesses to increase their production capacities, launch new product lines, invest in new technology and expand their distribution networks.

Our Portfolio

Since September 2013, HEVA has invested in fashion businesses such as Katungulu Mwendwa, Itikadi, Mambo PamboOgake, Peperuka, leather goods producers Aprelle Duany and Wazawazi, and digital photography businesses such as Victor Peace and Thomson Photography.

AprelleDuany is an accessory brand targeting the fashion-forward trendsetter looking for locally available African luxury brands. They design detailed, high quality handbags that meet global standards, desiring for each client to have an intimate relationship with their vision and aspirations.

Katungulu Mwendwa’s passion for African traditional cultures and how their essence can be showcased in fashion marks her as a pioneer in the renaissance of conscious cultural modernity. She uses these inspirations to create uniquely elegant pieces with unusual shapes and layers.

Ogake's signature elegant finishes are geared towards the sophisticated tastes of her discerning clientele. Her hand-detailed beadwork and complex patterns are the trademarks of her well known bridalwear line. She also has a strong corporate line which produces uniforms designed for memorable product activations.

Peperuka is a lifestyle brand reflecting an ethos of commitment to both African heritage and global contemporary aesthetics. They produce apparel, accessories, home decor and body products, promoting ecological sustainability using organic materials and fair trade practices.

Thomson Photography have a special focus in the following areas: Advertising and Commercial Work, Events (specialising in weddings) and Portraits (individuals, couples and families or groups). Thomson deliver high standards of personalised service allowing end-to-end client customisation of their diverse packages.

Victor Peace is a fashion and beauty photographer who is interested in depicting Africa from his distinctly individual perspective. He also undertakes commercial and wedding photography. His strong social media following and constant challenges to himself remain the key to his continued evolution and growth within the industry.

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