Creative Industries: Ease of Doing Business Reports

December 2018

Over the last two years we have carried out research studies with the aim of evaluating the creative industry landscape. Our findings led us to shortlist the following four value chains: Live Music Events, Film and Digital Content, Fashion and Gaming, as the fastest-growing and highest potential sectors.

In partnership with the British Council, HEVA reviewed and finalized the Creative Economy Business Environment Reform Report (Kennedy Manyala, October 2016), with the aim of identifying and investigating critical business environment questions for the creative sector in Kenya in the immediate and long term, and to explore the specific role of government in ensuring the sustainability of the creative sector in Kenya. The outcome of this activity are the “Creative Industries: Ease of Doing Business” reports, which we divided into four parts with a strong focus on HEVA’s priority sectors/value chains: Live Music & Events, Film and Digital Content, Fashion and Gaming & E-sports.

Ethiopia: Fashion Industry Scoping Report

December 2018

In late 2017, we ventured into Ethiopia to carry out research to gain further insight into their fashion industry and explore possible opportunities for collaborations involving their designers, other East African fashion practitioners and HEVA. This scoping trip was carried out in collaboration with the British Council’s East Africa Arts programme.

Our overall findings led us to conclude that Ethiopia is undoubtedly the most attractive country in which to set up a garment manufacturing unit in Africa, and is well on its way in its industrialisation journey. We identified attractive opportunities for collaboration and we look forward to exploring these further.

This report highlights some of our key findings.

HEVA Annual Reports


HEVA Symposium Reports


Reports detailing outcomes of our 2016 Creative Economy Dialogues and 2017 Creative Finance symposium.

HEVA Fashion Value Chain Report

June 2016

In 2015, we commissioned a value chain study exercise in order to better understand the constraints and opportunities of the growing fashion industry in Kenya. We spoke to over 75 market actors in early stage ventures, and to additional consultants, financiers, stakeholders and upstream players. Our resulting report maps out the aspirations of the regional sector, analyses case studies for ideas about best practices, and lists the sector interventions that have been incorporated into our strategic plan to continue our support for the fashion industry in East Africa.