We are an East African company that believes in the transformative social and economic potential of the creative economy sector in the East African region.

From Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali, Arusha, Lamu to Dar es Salaam, the creative sector is where the creation of new products and new cultural experiences is happening. We want to be in the forefront of helping producers of cultural goods and services to build high-value, profitable businesses where new ideas will come to life, and where the highest potential for great profits, great jobs and happy people will be found.

Our creative economy catalyst project looks to deepen financial inclusion for producers of creative goods and services, invest in development of new productive capacities among creative producers and provide debt financing and equity investment solutions to support creative businesses to achieve meaningful commercialization.

Our catalyst project works in two focus areas: HEVA Capital and HEVA Forum:


HEVA Capital consists of two catalytic funds which are designed to catalyze the growth strategies of early stage ventures, optimize creative sector value chains, provide working capital and cash flow solutions as well as a bridge to follow-on financing for creative sector SME's.

The HEVA Startup Fund

Every March and September, HEVA invests in East Africa's early stage (post-revenue) creative businesses operating in Kenya, with plans to roll out in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

This facility looks to assist businesses to increase their production capacities, launch new product lines, invest in new technology or expand their distribution networks and a runway to investor readiness. Businesses undertaking their first applications can receive up to KES 1,000,000 in flexible debt, and a tailored finance package of up to KES 10,000,000 in subsequent applications. Alongside this finance facility we provide business consultations and support, legal advice as well as exchange learning opportunities.

In 2016/2017 HEVA plans to make investments in businesses operating within the fashion, commercial photography, crafts and interior design value chains. We are also running pilot investments in music and visual arts value chains.

The HEVA Growth Fund

The HEVA Growth Fund will provide working capital solutions, supply chain finance, cash flow solutions, capital investment and follow on financing of up to KES 30,000,000 available to creative SME's all year round. This facility will offer second level financing solutions in equity, debt, convertibles, mezzanine products, guarantees or matching funds for store roll-outs, new plant and machinery, funding an acquisition or an export drive, equity release and more.


HEVA Forum will provide opportunities for learning, international exchanges, special skill training workshops, master classes and networking opportunities.

  • Skill development and learning programs to plug domestic shortages, updating skill profiles to match industry needs,
  • Producing and sharing up-to-date creative sector research,
  • Supporting continuous professional development for original producers, designers and artisans,
  • Arranging for sector-led apprenticeship placements to develop the technical productive abilities of artisans,
  • Supporting out-of-school art education to to bridge learning gaps in formal structures.


HEVA Fund Limited is a Limited Liability Partnership, registered in 2013 under the Company Laws of Kenya, and works in partnership with: