HEVA FORUM PRESENTS: Retail And Spatial Design Workshop for creative businesses

We’re happy to present the final workshop of 2016, on Retail and Spatial Design for Creative Businesses, led by Edward Ngera. The workshop will be held on Saturday 3rd December 2016 at 23 Gatundu Road. Edward Ngera is a renowned interior decorator and space curator having worked on some of Nairobi’s most sought after residences and hotels, some of his clients include The Village Market, Tribe hotel, Westhouse Hotel, Oro Restaurant and Lounge among others.

The workshop will be looking at the importance of retail design in creating a successful and profitable store. This will include:

  • The basics of retail design and store layouts   
  • How to translate your brand identity into an interior space
  •  How the modern consumer interacts with retail spaces
  •  Visual merchandising and ways to create unique interactions with your clients to stimulate retail sales


If you are interested in attending this workshop, please send an email of interest with links to your website/online presence to programs@hevafund.com. Deadline for applications is Thursday 1st December 2016.

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