HEVA FORUM PRESENTS: Sound Production – D.I.Y. Recording, Mixing and Mastering

We’re excited to present the third workshop of 2016, on D.I.Y. sound production (recording, mixing and mastering), which will be led by Tim Rimbui. The workshop will be held on Saturday 12th November 2016 at the EnnovatorMusic studio (House No. 13, Garden Road (Opposite Seven seas), off Riverside drive). Tim Rimbui is a leading Kenyan music producer, record label owner, sound engineer and songwriter, known for his fresh, urban sound, and a managing partner at EnnovatorMusic.

EnnovatorMusic is a boutique audio-visual production company and record label based in Nairobi. Their work has been heard worldwide on projects by Coke Studio Africa, Universal Music Group and many others. EnnovatorMusic is also one of the few fully stocked recording studios in the country, able to do live on-location multi-track recording, live mixing for indoor and outdoor music performances, consultation for sound, music and audio project installations, equipment rental, rehearsal space, studio hire, as well as offer several other music, audio and sound related services.                                                                       

This unique program is has been specially tailored for the following groups of people:                 

  1.  Music producers who want to start mixing and mastering their own tracks
  2.  Music producers who want to start recording vocals or instrumentals in budget-friendly studios
  3. Musicians (vocalists or instrumentalists) with studio experience looking for some insight into production and post-production processes.

The interactive workshop will cover the basics of recording (proper mic technique, getting clean recordings outside a studio environment, recording levels etc), mixing (individual channel levels, master channel level, compression and FX) and mastering (a basic template for mastering for a club edit, a demo or a Soundcloud release).


If you are a musician (vocalist or instrumentalist) or music producer interested in attending this workshop, please send an email of interest with links to your website/online presence and demos/tracks you have made to programs@hevafund.com. Deadline for applications is Wednesday 9th November 2016.

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