HEVA FORUM PRESENTS: Garment Production And Sewn Product Manufacturing

HEVA Forum is excited to present a workshop on garment production and sewn product manufacturing by Wagura Kamwana, owner of the Textile Loft, and Kepha Maina, CEO and creative director of the design house Kepha Maina. The workshop will be held on Saturday 8th October 2016 at the Textile Loft Production Unit - Thayu. Located opposite Limuru Country Club, Tigoni, Limuru. Transport will be provided. Details to be communicated.

Wagura Kamwana has over 5 years’ experience in the fashion industry in Kenya, from the founding of Textile Loft - the incredibly successful one-stop shop for fabric, to production with a focus on Kenyan designers. The Textile Loft offers premium quality fabrics with high natural fibre content, as well as accessories for garment and bag production, all sourced from Europe. The Loft also offers garment production services to designers who want to develop lines with smaller quantities, or boutiques looking to source choice finished garments locally. Wagura’s consultations with fashion designers are holistic and end-to-end, all the way from selecting the right fabric(s) for a line, to pattern making and sample development, up until the production of the entire line.

Kepha Maina, architect turned fashion designer, is known for his mastery in textile manipulation. With 10 years’ experience and 4 celebrated collections to his name, he brings to the table the designer’s perspective in manufacturing for retail, as well as his own remarkable skill in pattern creation and cutting, sample development and design process organisation.

This one-day session offers a detailed overview on how to develop and design a line. This will include:

  • Developing a profitable line
  • Trend forecasting
  • Developing a product concept
  • Design process tools
  • Manufacturing
  • Sample development (style name and numbers, sketch style sheets, sizing)
  • Role of a pattern maker, fit models and base sizes
  • Design process organisation
  • Product development (pattern blocks, pattern development, labeling, packaging)
  • Product costing
  • Production cutting
  • Pattern grading
  • Production sewing
  • Sewing organisation


If you are a fashion designer or student interested in attending this workshop, please send an email of interest with links to your website/online presence to programs@hevafund.com. Deadline for applications is Thursday 6th October 2016.