Third Investment Cycle Investees!

via Thomson Photography

via Thomson Photography

We are happy to announce that 7 businesses have been shortlisted to join our cycle III cohort. We’re excited for the possibilities that could come from working with this array of creative entrepreneurs!


Wazawazi is poised to be one of Africa’s foremost luxury leather brands that fuse form and function with style. Wazawazi creates superb designer handbags and unisex accessories. Each piece allows individuals to make statements celebrating their unique personalities.

Links: Website / Facebook / Instagram


Versatile Photography specializes in both contemporary and candid image-making and are fast making a name in the industry with their elegant and artistic style. Their fields of work include Weddings, Family Portraits, Commercial, Corporate, Social Events, Architectural, Wildlife, Humanitarian, Fashion and Documentaries.

Links: Website / Facebook / Instagram

Suave Kenya

Suave Kenya make bags and accessories by upcycling garments such as jackets, coats and pants, and mix these with locally sourced fabrics and leather to produce unique items. Suave offers the highest quality products flavoured with urban chic. Current products include backpacks, messenger bags, laptop sleeves and wallets.

Links: Website / Facebook / Instagram

Yetoto Play

Yetoto Play provide high quality play equipment including swings, slides, tree houses and climbers. They want to create distinctive, stimulating and challenging playgrounds for children of all abilities. Yetoto’s clients include schools, hotels, hospitals and home owners.

Links: Facebook

Akiniyi Adongo_ED Pic.jpg

Akinyi Odongo Kenya

Akinyi Odongo Kenya is a high-end fashion line exuding timeless sophistication and diversity with a touch of African culture. They aspire to be global apparel retailers through an efficient and sustainable design, production and distribution system. They design unisex garments, specialising in the use of quality fabrics, unique cuts and deliberate detailing.  

Links: Website / Facebook / Instagram

Little Cribs Designs

Little Cribs Designs makes children's furniture for the ages 0-16 years. They design using three principles: safety, multi-functionality and sustainability. By creating beautiful, well crafted and durable pieces, Little Cribs is part of creating memorable childhoods.  

Links: Website / Facebook

Thomson Photography_New investees_Main.jpg

Thomson Photography

Thomson Photography have a special focus in the following areas: Advertising and Commercial Work, Events (specialising in weddings) and Portraits (individuals, couples and families or groups). Thomson deliver high standards of personalised service allowing end-to-end client customisation of their diverse packages.

Links: Website / Facebook / Instagram

HEVA’s potential support for this cohort is geared towards a variety of areas, including purchase of equipment and raw materials, sales and marketing, new hires and increases in production capacity.

Look out for a final confirmed Cohort III list in the coming days!