HEVA Forum presents: Becoming Investor Ready Series

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Three months ago - as part of our HEVA Forum learning program - we premiered a new video series: “Becoming Investor Ready”. The 8-part series shares insights preparing entrepreneurs and businesses in the creative industry to receive outside investment. It premiered on our Facebook page and covered a range of topics including the investment options available in Kenya, how to prepare and structure your business to receive investment, key things to note when signing an investment contract, building good relationships with investors and much more! To view the series visit our Investment series page or our Facebook page:

Episode 1: The Different Types Of Investment Available In Kenya

Episode 2: Preparing Your Business For Investment

Episode 3: HEVA Investee Case Study (Photographer David Macharia)

Episode 4: The Shameless Self-Pitch

Episode 5: Parts Of A Successful Investment Pitch

Episode 6: Managing Your Investment

Episode 7: HEVA Investee Case Study (Fashion Designer Ogake Mosomi)

Episode 8: Why Didn’t I Receive Funding From HEVA?