Staff Updates: New Appointments & Additions to the Team

Staff Update Post Edited.jpg

Our managing partner George Gachara - in addition to working at HEVA - has recently been appointed Interim Managing Consultant for AFDOC Ltd, a transitional institution setting up the Documentary Africa Fund (Doc-A). Doc-A is a pro-active response to the needs expressed by the documentary film community across African countries, as documented by this research report.

Doc-A intends to be part of generating and nourishing a self-sustaining documentary film industry in Africa with a focus on training, production, distribution and audience building.

Ms. Amal Mohamed - our Relationship Manager and first HEVA staff member - is also moving on for further studies and new opportunities! We would like to thank Amal for the wonderful work she has done from our inception with ourselves, our partners, our investees and our wider community. We are immensely grateful for her invaluable contribution to our work and growth, and wish her the very best as she embarks on a new chapter!

We would also like to welcome Dr. Akati Khasiani to HEVA as our new Relationships Manager. Dr. Khasiani has worked in both the private and public sector and has experience in project management and social research. Dr. Akati has a masters in Public Health, she is also a writer whose articles have been featured on