HEVA Releases Research into Four New Investment Value Chains

Over the last two years we have carried out research studies with the aim of evaluating the creative industry landscape. Our findings led us to shortlist the following four value chains: Live Music Events, Film and Digital Content, Fashion and Gaming, as the fastest-growing and highest potential sectors.

As part of our research process, the British Council partnered with HEVA in 2017 to review and finalize the Creative Economy Business Environment Reform Report (Kennedy Manyala, October 2016), with the aim of Identifying and investigating critical business environment questions for the creative sector in Kenya in the immediate and long term, and to explore the specific role of government in ensuring the sustainability of the creative sector in Kenya.

We convened a research team which carried a study to capture the broad range of activities making up the creative economy in Kenya. Our study employed a mixed-method approach, combining quantitative and qualitative research methods. The outcome of this activity are the “ Creative Industries: Ease of Doing Business” reports , which we divided into four parts with a strong focus on HEVA’s priority sectors/value chains: Live Music & Events, Film and Digital Content, Fashion and Gaming & E-sports.

Each report looked at:

- the various opportunities emerging in each value chain in Kenya

- benchmarking against success stories in Africa

- business environment challenges in each sector,

- recommendations for stimulating growth in each sector