HEVA Team Shares Insights in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya and the EU Headquarters in Brussels

Over the last few months our team has been active in Kenya as well as South Africa, Tanzania, and the EU headquarters in Brussels; sharing insights on the East African creative industry with a specific focus on access to finance and impact investment.

In early November, our Managing Partner George Gachara was a key speaker and coach at the European Union’s 2018 culture thematic training: Culture in Development and International Cooperation, hosted by the culture unit of the Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development in Brussels. He led a session on “ Mastering Finance for Culture”, speaking on the complexities and opportunities the creative and cultural industries face in regards to accessing finance.

Later on that month, Mr Gachara was on a panel discussing trends and developments in the creative economy in the sub-saharan region, with a special focus on cultural and social entrepreneurship. This was part of the Cultural and Creative Industries in Sub-saharan Africa workshop organized by Goethe-institut Johannesburg in South Africa.

Our Investment Manager, Ms. Maureen Wakiuru Njuguna, led a workshop at the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT) Nairobi annual conference at the end of October. She spoke on the triple bottom line for trade and impact and how social enterprises can apply strategies for implementation and communication of impact.She led this session in her capacity as a board member for Trade Plus Impact, which is an association of women-led social enterprises in Africa and the Middle East.

In mid-October, Ms. Kendi Kamwambia, our Support and Compliance Manager, was on a panel at the 2nd Mashariki Creative Economy Impact Investment Conference in Tanzania, whose theme was: Intellectual Property (IP) As Collateral for Financing the Creative Economy in East Africa.
The event was organized by Culture and Development East Africa and the Copyright Society of Tanzania (COSTA) and was focused on various issues that contribute to creating an enabling environment for stimulating growth and investment in the creative industries in East Africa.