Gaming and E-Sports Workshop (January 2019)

HEVA hosted its first gaming and e-sports workshop on the 30th of January 2019 at Ikigai Lavington. The event was attended by experts in the field: e-sports organisers, gaming eco-system researchers, team owners and athletes, console and game retailers and media specialists. In attendance were representatives from Saracen media, PSG, Naiccon, Acepro Inc, Masters of Mayhem, Ludique Works and Vivid Gold.

The workshop had the following aims:

  • To bring together key players in media and marketing, finance, gaming and e-sports to identify opportunities for cooperation and synergy.

  • To work towards building a national calendar, which will act as a reference document for players, organisers and potential sponsors

  • To chart a way forward on assembly of a national working group for e-Sport organisers and vendors in the country.

  • To set up a unified national seeding table for popular e-Sport titles in the country (e.g. FIFA, Tekken etc)

  • To discuss methods of gathering data important to the sector

We are looking forward to subsequent workshops and deepening our work and investment in the Gaming and E-Sport sector. This workshop was made possible thanks to our partners Agence Française de Développement (AFD).