Young Women in Creative Enterprise Fund Reopens for New Applications!

We had a very engaging open day on Saturday 9th March 2019! It was attended by creative entrepreneurs who were interested in learning more about both the Young Women in Creative Enterprise Fund and the Growth Fund. Several members of the HEVA team were also in attendance to listen to what they had to say and discuss several elements of both funds with them.

The cohort of women had a lot to share about their concerns regarding certain elements of our Young Women in Creative Enterprise Fund criteria, and we appreciated their candor in engaging and negotiating with us. One point of concern was the age limit of “young” to women aged between 18 and 35, which they thought was too narrow. They further observed that finding and keeping full-time employees in this sector has been challenging. They added that many of them have been able to run stable early stage businesses and older start-ups with the help of able consultants and loyal, skilled part-time employees, positions that has been steadily growing with the global spread of the gig economy.

We were glad to receive this feedback, and after consultations with our board and within the team, have adjusted these two criteria. Therefore, while this fund is designed to be particularly welcoming to young women, who are less likely to have access to economic opportunities and options, we are very happy to welcome applications henceforth from creative entrepreneurs aged above 35. We are also pleased to announce that part-time workers and consultants shall be considered as employees of creative enterprises, for the purposes of the Young Women in Creative Enterprise Fund.

In order to accommodate more businesses and allow prior applicants to re-submit with this new criteria in mind, we have also extended the application date for the Young Women in Creative Enterprise Fund to Sunday the 31st of March, 2019! Please find the application form here.

We look forward to receiving your applications! Kindly contact us if you have any further queries about the open day, the reopened Fund, or the changes in applicability criteria.

The HEVA TeamComment