HEVA Presents Ota: Women in Creative Enterprise


HEVA Presents Ota, a programmatic focus on women in creative enterprise set up to build the competitiveness of women-owned and women-led businesses. The word “ota” is Swahili for “to dream”, reflecting the excitement and optimism we have for this particular demographic in this sector. This focus was informed by the analysis of our baseline studies, which showed the significant involvement and impact of women in the fast-growing creative enterprises in the region, mirroring that on the rest of the African continent as well as in the world. This has also been reflected in our investment portfolio performance at multiple levels.

Our ongoing work, geared toward alignment with our 2018/ 2022 strategic plan is also deliberate about this focus. Our current early stage investments, in partnership with the Goethe Institute Jenga CCI program, is focused on young women in creative industries. We are also evolving our business support, business learning and strategic work to enlarge and expand this exciting scope!

Our strategy for this engagement falls under 3 main areas:

Know: Learning sessions and material, workshops, downloadables and audiovisual content delivered to women in creative enterprise

Grow: Funding and investment, one on one clinics, networking sessions and mentorship opportunities for women in creative enterprise

Show: Market access and opportunities for women in creative enterprise

We’re excited to deliver several upcoming projects under the Ota umbrella! For our first engagement, In partnership with Urgent Action Fund - Africa, we will kick off the Business Strategy Workshop Series with the Mombasa Edition!  You can read more about it here as well as register to attend these workshops - Social Media and Marketing , Creative Strategy and Product Development and Financial Management for Creative Businesses Made Easy

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