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HEVA Supports The Growth of Creative Industry Associations In Kenya

On the 30th of January 2019, in preparation for a creative industry presidential roundtable, 42 associations representing artists, creative professionals, and artisans from all over the country, presented their memoranda at a stakeholders meeting that was convened by the Ministry of Culture and the Executive Office of the President.

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HEVA Fund Signs an MOU with the Government of Kenya to Pilot a Centre of Excellence at Nairobi's Uhuru Market

On Thursday 14th February 2019, HEVA signed an MOU with the Government of Kenya to carry out research and create a pilot centre of excellence for the growth and development of Uhuru Market's fashion/apparel sector and its practitioners.

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The Kenya Film Policy: Crafting Kenya's Future Film Industry

In October of 2016, the Kenya Film Classification Board proposed a bill to regulate film and media content for the country. While the current law covering that mandate- CAP 222, (The Film and Stage Plays Act) is a colonial holdover in urgent need of updating, the proposed bill, dubbed the Kenya Film Stage Plays and Publications bill, was quite problematic.

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