Revenue Share Model

We realize that creative businesses go through different seasons and that cash flow may not always be constant. We therefore created the following financial products which are tailor made for the specific needs of each business.

This model is based on the monthly sales generated by a young and growing business.  An agreement is reached regarding what percentage of monthly revenue will go towards their loan repayment.


Convertible Debt

The convertible debt is for more established businesses. After a grace period in which they begin to actualize their growth, the business is offered two options of payment.


Fixed interest Rate Loan

This works best for businesses that are able to predict their cash flow, as they can easily chart future payments. Payback begins after a grace period of 3 months.


Lease to Own

This model is for businesses that need to buy equipment but are not able to finance this purchase from their working capital. Once the loan is repaid, ownership of equipment is transferred.