HEVA Investment Series

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As part of the growing HEVA online learning program we compiled a video series called “Becoming Investor Ready.”  The 8-part series shares insights preparing entrepreneurs and businesses in the creative industry to receive outside investment. The series covers a range of topics including the investment options available in Kenya, what to include in an investment pitch, how to prepare a business to receive investment, things to note when signing an investment contract, how to get funding from HEVA and much more.

Episode 1: The Different Types of Investment Available In Kenya

Our Finance and Investment Manager, Maureen Njuguna, shares the pros and cons of the different investment types available in Kenya, and key things to consider when picking an investor for your business.

Episode 2: Preparing Your Business for Investment

Our Finance and Investment Manager, Maureen Njuguna, shares insight on:

- How to determine the value of your company
- Key financial records you need to have
- Who to approach for investment and when
- The short or medium term goals you should set when preparing to receive investment

Episode 3: HEVA Investee Case Study (Photographer David Macharia)

David Macharia is a professional photographer and the founder of Versatile Photographers Studio, which he started in 2007. David is also part of our Cycle 3 cohort of investees. In this episode, David shares his personal experience seeking investment, and the lessons he has learnt in his journey.

Episode 4: The Shameless Self-Pitch

Dr. Njoki Ngumi is the Head of Learning, Development and Research at HEVA. In this episode, she expands on the art of the “shameless self pitch”, with a special highlight on the importance of good copy.


Episode 5: Parts of a Successful Investment Pitch

Kendi Kamwambia is Head of Compliance and Support at HEVA. In this episode she discusses the contents of a successful investment presentation, and the attributes investors look for in entrepreneurs, as well as the key to an effective elevator pitch.

Episode 6: Managing Your Investment

Amal Mohamed, our former Relationship Manager, highlights key things to consider before signing an investment contract and how to maintain a good relationship with your investor.

Episode 7: HEVA Investee Case Study (Fashion Designer Ogake Mosomi)

Ogake Mosomi is a fashion designer specialising in bridal and occasion wear. She founded her design company in 2011 and is part of our Cycle 2 cohort of investees. She is also a lecturer at Nairobi University. She shares what she considered when looking for investment, and how she prepared her business to receive finances.

Episode 8: Why didn’t I receive funding from HEVA?

In our final episode, Maureen Njuguna, our Finance and Investment Manager, sheds light on reasons businesses who submit applications have regrettably missed out on funding from HEVA. Some of these include:
- Lack of financial records
- Lack of (adequate) digital platforms
- Poorly considered proposals
Maureen delves into how to correct these issues in preparation for a second or third application for finances, encouraging practitioners to be open to keep applying for investment opportunities for their enterprises.